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CTs and PTs

Current Transformer and Potential Transformers Manufacturers

Current Transformers

Pratechinfra Current transformers, also known as CTs, are used to measure alternating current. These instrument transformers do what’s known as “stepping down” a high current to a safe level that can be properly managed. Pratechinfra that they scale larger values of voltage down to small, more standardized ones that can be easily measured. Just like any other type of electrical equipment, each CT has a specific rating. This rating is used to determine what type of CT should be used in a given installation. Pratechinfra current , transformer testing transformer test instruments are used to determine whether your CT is functioning properly and that the power stays within the right parameters. Pratechinfra CTs play an essential role in accurate consumer billing, transformer testing equipment is necessary to ensure accuracy in revenue calculation for utilities.

Potential Transformers

Pratechinfra Potential transformers, or PTs, also measure an aspect of power supply. But while CTs measure current, PTs measure voltage. This is important since countries like America utilize different voltages in homes for various purposes (like the 120 volts used by appliances). Potential transformers will measure and reduce high voltage values into lower ones. Although PTs do serve an important purpose, there are some utilities that do not use potential transformers. However, some experts say that failing to use PTs can present a danger to those who service these meters during transformer testing or other tasks.

Pratechinfra Ultimately, both CT testing and PT testing can ensure that instrument transformers are functioning properly and that both current and voltage remain within their proper framework. Our products can provide the portability and accuracy you need to obtain exact readings and dispense precise billing to customers. Pratechinfra learn more about why you should be prioritizing accurate testing for your transformer instruments, please contact us today.